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As we step into 2023, it's time to take a fresh look at the best free Microsoft templates available to help you create impressive and professional documents for personal or business use. From resumes to business proposals, the templates we've curated offer a variety of styles, themes, and formats to suit your needs. Whether you're a seasoned Microsoft user or a beginner, these top 10 free templates are worth considering.

1. Memorial Day BBQ Flyer Word Template

Invite your friends and family to your BBQ with this Memorial Day flyer template. It has three different designs and colors. You can make your own flyers quickly with Microsoft templates. This template is easy to use and will help you host a great BBQ.

  • 100% fully customizable template

  • Easily change the text, images, and more

  • Get creative with thousands of photos, graphics, and fonts

  • Dazzle followers with animations, transitions, or videos

  • Quickly share and publish anywhere

2. Bistro Menu Free Template

Create stylish and practical menus with Word menu templates online. This template has a bright and bold design. It guides you to make good content with Microsoft templates. Save time and reach many clients with our template. It’s free and easy to download from Microsoft.

  • Looking for an all-in-one solution for your creative needs?

  • Our fully customizable template offers complete control over your design, allowing you to easily adjust everything from text to images and more.

  • With access to a vast library of photos, graphics, and fonts, the sky's the limit for your creativity.

  • Take it to the next level by incorporating animations, transitions, or videos to capture the attention of your audience.

  • Once you're happy with your masterpiece, share and publish it in a snap, anytime and anywhere.

  • Whether you're a beginner or a pro, this template is the perfect choice for your next project.

3. Online Template Travel Newsletter

Use our travel newsletter template to spread the word. It has a catchy design and helps you make great content. No need to contact clients one by one - our Microsoft templates let you reach them all at once. It’s free and easy to download from Microsoft.

  • Looking for a versatile template that can be customized to suit your unique needs?

  • Our fully customizable template is the perfect solution.

  • With the ability to easily change text, images, and more, the possibilities for creative expression are endless.

  • Take advantage of our extensive library of photos, graphics, and fonts to make your project truly shine.

  • Add animations, transitions, or videos to truly dazzle your followers, and quickly share and publish your creation anywhere you like.

4. Excel Template: Simple Gantt Chart

Use this Gantt chart template in Excel to plan and track your project. It shows the project phases, tasks, dates, and progress in a clear and professional way. It is made by, an expert in Excel spreadsheets. You can work on the Gantt chart with your team in Excel. This template works well for business plans, project management, student assignments, or home remodels.

  • Formats: Excel spreadsheet (.xlsx or .xls) or PDF

  • Design features: Table and chart of project phases, tasks, dates, and progress

    (Video) How to use Templates in OneNote to boost productivity

  • Advantages: Simple and visual project planning and tracking. Team collaboration in Excel. Professional appearance.

5. PowerPoint Financial Infographics Poster

This poster template helps you talk about money topics. It is well-made and easy to use. It has nice pictures and colors to show hard ideas clearly. You can change the text, images, and more to make it your own.

  • Format: A PowerPoint file that you can edit and download.

  • Design features: Nice pictures and sounds to show money topics.

  • Advantages: Well-made and easy to use by anyone. You can change anything you want.

6. Weekly Assignment Calendar

This template in Word helps you keep track of your homework for all your classes. It helps you plan and do your homework on time. Anyone can use this template.

  • Format: A Word file that you can edit and download.

  • Design features: A weekly calendar with classes and days. Colors show if you did your homework or not.

  • Advantages: Easy to use and helps you plan and do your homework on time. Anyone can use it.

7.Free Download Template for Luminous Design

Find PowerPoint templates for business or school. They are well-made and easy to use. They have nice images for art or school. Anyone can use them.

  • Format: A PowerPoint file that you can edit and download.

  • Design features: Nice images and tips for content and layout.

  • Advantages: Well-made and easy to use for business or school. Anyone can use it.

8. Finance Charge Invoice Basic

Use this template to charge customers for late payments. It adds up the amounts for you. Anyone can use it.

  • Format: An Excel file that you can customize and download.

  • Design features: It calculates the totals for the finance charge and shows it in an invoice.

  • Advantages: It helps you charge customers for late payments easily and quickly.

9. Travel Photo Timeline

This template helps you share your travel stories with photos and words. You can add your own pictures and details to this beautiful photo timeline in PowerPoint. Anyone can use it.

  • Format: A PowerPoint file that you can customize and download.

  • Design features: It has a photo timeline layout with spaces for photos and text.

  • Advantages: It helps you share your travel memories in a creative and fun way.

This template helps you make your own business cards. The cards are the normal size and fit Avery labels. Anyone can use it.

(Video) Best FREE Microsoft Office Alternatives - WPS Office, LibreOffice, FreeOffice & more

  • A basic business card template

  • Customizable in Word

  • Standard 3-1/2 x 2 inch size

  • Compatible with Avery labels

  • Accessible and fully customizable

  • Ability to change text, images, graphics, fonts, animations, transitions, or videos

  • Ability to share and publish designs anywhere

  • Part of Microsoft Create, a new AI-powered graphic design app

How to Get Access to Microsoft Templates

How to Use Free and Built-in Microsoft Templates

On Windows

1. Open the Microsoft app that you want to use, such as Word, Excel, or PowerPoint.

2. Select File > New and choose a template style or type a keyword in the search box.

3. Select the template that you want and click Create.

4. Replace the placeholder text and images with your own content and save the file with a descriptive name.

On Mac

1. SelectFile>New from Template.

2. ClickTemplates(located next toSearchat the top of the screen).

3. Use thesearch barto look for a specific kind of template.

4. The results will be a mix of the preloaded Word templates and the ones available online. Select the template you want.

5. SelectCreateto download the template and open a newly formatted document ready for use.

Alt tag: Create a template on Mac

How to Download Microsoft Templates from the Web

1. Visit, the official website for Microsoft templates.

2. Select the Office app you want to use, such as Word or Excel, or search for a specific template or category.

3. Click on the template you like to see a preview and a description. Then click Download to save the template on your computer.

4. Open the template in the corresponding Office app and edit it with your own content and formatting as needed.

(Video) Creating Your Own Excel Templates

How to Edit and Customize Microsoft Templates

1. Open the template in the Office app, such as Word, Excel, or PowerPoint.

2. Edit the template as you like, changing the layout, style, design, fields, and text. You can also insert content controls to make the template more interactive.

3. Save the template with a new name or in a different location if you want to preserve the original template. You can also save the template as a document (.docx) file if you want to use it in Office for the web.

4. Open the customized template in the Office app and enter your own information and data. You can also print or share the template as needed

How to Create a Microsoft Template from Scratch

1. Open Word and select File > New > Blank document.

2. Insert and format the elements you want in your template, such as a logo, a header, and footer, or content controls.

3. Select File > Save As and choose a location and a name for your template. Select Word Template (*.dotx) from the Save as type list. Click Save.

4. To use your template, open Word and select File > New > Personal (or Custom). Click on your template and create a new document based on it. You can also open the template file in Word by double-clicking it.

Can I Find Free Templates Elsewhere

WPS Template Store is a cool website where you can find free and awesome templates for Word, PowerPoint, and Excel files. You can download and change templates for different things, like resumes, reports, brochures, business cards, flyers, posters, and more. You can also look for templates by what they are about, like education, medical, nature, wedding, etc.

WPS Office software is a bunch of apps that let you make and edit documents, presentations, and spreadsheets. WPS Office software also has some templates that you can use to get your projects done faster and easier. You can get to the templates by clicking File > New in any WPS Office app. You can also use your own templates or get more templates from the WPS Template Store.

Free Download

Advantages of WPS Templates

WPS Templates are ready-made documents that you can get and use for free from the WPS Template Store website. You can find templates for different things, like resumes, reports, letters, etc. You can also look for templates by what they are about, like education, medical, nature, wedding, etc.

Some cool things about WPS Templates are:

  • They make your document making easier and faster.

  • They help you make nice and professional documents with no hassle .

  • They have styles, toolbars, custom menu settings, and shortcut keys that you can use in your documents.

  • They also have auto-text and auto-correct entries that can help you avoid mistakes and spelling errors.

How to Use Free Templates in WPS Office

1. OpenWPS Office.

2. Head to the homepage >Apps>Templatesto enter the template library.

3. Click on Document on the left side to see the templates for Word.

(Video) How to use Styles in Microsoft Word

4. Click on the theme on the top to see the related templates.

5. You can also type keywords in the text box on the top to find the templates you need.

6. Pick the template you want and click Use Now to use it right away.

7. Then you can change the template by adding your information or changing the design elements to make it more personal.

How to Download Templates from WPS Template Store

1. Go to the WPS templates website at this link.

2. Select or search templates you want to use

3. Download and enjoy it!


Why are my custom templates in Microsoft?

To access your custom templates in Microsoft 365, you need to do one of the following:

  • Set the default personal templates location for each Microsoft 365 program.

  • Save your custom templates as documents in OneDrive and use them online in Word.

  • Adjust the theme colors of your templates in Word or Excel.

Why can’t I preview a WPS template?

To preview a WPS template, you need to make sure that:

  • The Client is connected to the server. You can restart the Client if it is disconnected.

  • The network status is stable. You can reconnect to the network or wait for it to improve if it is not.

Why can’t I download a WPS template?

To download a WPS template, you need to:

  • Be a WPS Template Premium user or download only three free templates per day.

  • Restart WPS Office if it is not connected to the server.

  • Connect to the network or wait for it to get better.


Microsoft templates are ready-made documents that help users create professional-looking documents easily and quickly. They can be found online or in Microsoft programs, and they can be modified according to the user’s needs. The content also recommends the best 10 free Microsoft templates for 2023, such as the Memorial Day BBQ flyer word template.

The content introduces Microsoft templates, which are pre-made documents for various purposes, and compares them with WPS Templates and WPS Office, which are free and customizable online and desktop alternatives to Microsoft products. WPS Templates and WPS Office offer more features and benefits, such as high-quality templates, cloud storage, ad-free experience, and compatibility with other file formats and languages.

Free Download

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