Dress Like Harvey Spectre Suits Style Guide (2023)

When we talk about the style of gentlemen, we typically mean real life men whose style dressing says what they are? Like Clark Gable, Humphrey Bogart or Fred Astaire. But, some fictional characters also made an incredible impression and amazed audience by their unique and elegant clothing and hair style. The best example of stylish fictional characters is James Bond, Don Draper or many others.

“The better you dress, the worse you behave.”

If you ever heard about the hit television series “Suits” then I am pretty sure that you must be familiar with its leading and yet famous character “Harvey Specter.” The show centers around him and his mastermind/fraud responsibility Mike Ross and takes the ever popular approach of telling broader stories over series and seasons while tying up neat little plot lines in each episode.

Have you ever thought that what was the element that makes Specter so strong character? Is only it’s confident as he always handles competition and conflicts with full self-assuredness. The well-known character is played by a dashing American actor Gabriel Macht.

In this article will are going to discuss the dressing style of Specter, but before this let’s know something interesting about his personality and life. Harvey Specter lives very isolated life outside the office. A graduate student of Harvard Law, Specter only connect in the personal chat with people in his globe of influence, but he shows deeper side for them who are close to him. Emotionally far-away, he is a man of self-belief and charm and one who everyone still manages to like and respect. Specter will do anything to win.

Things you need to follow

If you want to look like Specter, then you have to follow his dressing style. Gabriel Macht as Harvey Specter has a few fashion staples that seem to be incorporated into all of his outfits. Let’s get started!


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You have seen that Specter appears most of the time in a suit or tuxedo, but there was rarely an occasion in which we have seen Harvey in other outfits, but he prefers suits to wear most of the time. To have a look like him in a suit, you need a better one in dark colors with some style. Harvey Specter suits are always demanding by the men who wish to look like perfect gentlemen.


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In the early seasons, Specter’s suits were mostly made of dark high warped beaten wool fabrics, while more recently you can see the silk-wool combination that adds a special shine and luster to the fabric which makes them more remarkable than just usual plain wool cloth suits. Traditionally, silk is used in evening environments because of its shine and formal character but done right it can even look striking in a dark navy or blue.


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If we talk about design, then we recommend that stick to the classic business palette of solids, stripes sharkskin and Prince of Wales checks. Avoid patterns such as tweeds, bold windowpane or flannels. Interestingly, Harvey Specter avoids pinstripes and opts for wider rope stripes.

Peak Lapels

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Harvey Specter is a big fan of peak lapels, and that’s the reason Gabriel Macht suits always have peak lapel collar. The key is to get the gap of the lapel not too low and not too high. If it peaks out over your shoulders, it is too much, and if it is too low it looks too old school to be a Harvey Specter lapel, so you have to keep an eye on that. Usually, peaked lapels consider more formal than notched ones, and they offer the wearer with a rugged, stylish look that Specter apparently goes for.

Milanese Button Hole

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For an authentic Harvey Specter style, you need a Milanese buttonhole because it separates you from the rest. This is a new suiting style in men’s fashion. The Milanese buttonhole is a style in which nicely stitched done by the experts; the buttonhole is made up of top quality silk thread that is found in top brands clothing. Not many people wear these kinds of suits nor every tailor offer this.

Flapped Pockets

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Peaked lapel jackets were typically paired with jetted pockets rather than flapped ones. But, if you follow the Harvey Specter suiting style that you will learn all about the difference and uniqueness here. Harvey Specter wears large flap pockets with his sharp lapel suits, which is also something you rarely see on Tom Ford suits. I think jetted pockets will look better with peaked lapels 9 out of 10 times, but if you want the Specter look, you need flap pockets as well as a flapped ticket pocket on the right.

Side Vents

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Just like rest of the man Harvey Specter also wears suits having side vents, and you also have side vents in your suit if you want to look like him. Ventless suits only look good if you don’t have to sit down and center vents are only intended for horse-back riding.


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Harvey Specter is seen wearing a three-piece suit, which is classic but, yet an additional approach to creating the fantasy of confidence. While stylish gentlemen would mix things up and wear an odd vest at times, Harvey Specter sticks to his uniform and only wears matching vests.
Vests are always single breasted never double breasted, and they never feature a lapel. Vests are always stitched with V-cut; on the other hand fashion forward men mostly avoid these kinds of clothes as they give an average look. But if you are dressing like a Specter then you should add vest in your list to have a similar appearance.


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Specter always suits pair with slim fit pants, and so it doesn’t come as a surprise that they aren’t pleated. Harvey wears them instead with an ironed crease. His pants are tailored slim but, never firm, and he chooses a plain hem over cuffs or turn-ups.


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For all the man who wants to dress up exactly like Harvey Specter then they need a slim fit cut of their suits overall. An expert tailor will be able to give you a suit with a close-fitting neck and properly hanging sleeves without the crease.


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Specter typically prefers standard white color or light blue shirt with tub cuffs but, sometimes we see him wearing French cuffs as well. While he does wear patterned shirts at the beginning of the seasons, he selects whites or light blues as the series goes on. This gives the same effect as the simplicity of his suits; it keeps the attention of the viewer on his face.
All the shirts of Harvey seem to be well fitting and whether it’s due to pinning them or they’re altered for Gabriel Macht’s body is unknown. However, there are no signs of tugging, are never loose, but at the same time never too tight. His sleeves hang to the base of the wrist, and his jacket sleeves usually show just a slight edge of cuff.


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Harvey specter’s ties are always in silk fabric, never wool or any blends. The navy grenadine tie is one of his favorites but, he sometimes also wears these bright jacquard ties. The ties are large and the Windsor knot with the significant amount of space within his collar.

Specter’s ties always ended in a very bold Windsor knot and far too big for his shirt collar. Perfectly, a shirt collar should be paired with a knot that doesn’t create an overlap between the two.
Harvey’s steady choice of a Windsor knot with a large collar makes his necktie area look packed, and the knot too large in proportion to his head. Also, his ties are often knotted without a dimple, which makes them look floppy and smooth.

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Specter’s shoe style is very simple; Harvey usually wears simple black cap-toed derbies or brown full brogue oxfords on lasts that aren’t all that sophisticated. As you know all that shoes are immensely contained important detail, and Harvey’s lack of well-crafted shoes is a negative blow to his carefully build appearance.
So, it vital to choose the right shoes which compliment your overall dress up and boost up your look as well.


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Harvey Specter wears very few accessories. Usually, if he is wearing a pocket square, it’s a classic gray or white. As far as accessories go, they tend to work with the rest of his closet and his corporate look.
Aside from a pocket square and watch, Harvey in fact only wears cufflinks and those, like everything else, are usually very delicate and yet, somehow bold. They have never styled statements, almost always standard metal without decoration or embroidery, but they’re also never a simple knot or anything too small that it would go unseen.

Harvey Specter Hair

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Many people like to have Gabriel Macht haircut, Don Draperish style cut with a bald part and glossy shine has moved towards a more modern faux hawk in some episodes with a matte finish and imperfect sideburns. If you’re looking for his classic look from at your first glance, then you must have a haircut like Harvey Specter.


There is no doubt that Harvey Specter is more known as for his confidence than he for details and style. Specter’s a jerk, but he’s essentially a good person. Like his winner-takes-all character, attires are a way for him to get ahead rather than something he enjoys. While he’s a beautiful example of a particular aesthetic. We hope that this guide will help you out that how to dress up like Harvey Specter style and be like him in your very gatherings.


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