How Many Avatar Movies Are There? (2022 UPDATED) (2022)

Almost a decade has passed since the first Avatar Movie hit the theaters along with its novelty 3D revival.

Now that the blockbuster movie's long-awaited sequel is finally on its way, let us check out how many Avatar Movies are there so you wouldn't miss it.

Avatar Movie: An Overview

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Avatar is a science fiction series with five planned series written by James Cameron. Its first installment was released last 2019, which became the highest-grossing film of all time [1].

As humans exhaust the Earth's natural resources, the Resources Development Administration (RDA) needs to find a solution to survive the global energy crisis. With this, they've discovered an energy-rich element that only exists on the moon, Pandora. With this, the Scientists managed to create Avatars, half-human, half Na'vi clones. They can freely move and operate in Pandora's poisonous atmosphere.

How Many Films Are There?

1. Avatar (2009)

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In the lush rainforest of Pandora, Jake Sully, a war veteran and former marine is a paraplegic, and his adventure as a part of the mission to colonize Pandora began after he slept for six years on a spaceship. After his twin brother Tom died, he had the privilege to replace him, considering they share the same genetics.

Jake had paraplegia for many years, and after being linked in his Avatar, he has been able to walk and run, which made him ecstatic. Together with other Avatars, Jake prepared to integrate with the Na'vi life and was torn between continuing his mission as he developed a strong bond with the tribe.

Box Office Performance:

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Avatar was released on more than 14,000 screens internationally, which sets the firm as the highest-grossing movie of all time since 2009. After the Avengers: End Game, it became the second-highest-grossing movie in 2019; however, it managed to reclaim the Box Office title after China re-released the movie in 2021.

The first series managed to break multiple box office records around the world. Aside from the $2.85 billion gross of the movie, the film was also considered the fastest movie to gross $1 - $2.5 billion. It also set the highest gross in 3D and IMAX.

Critical & Public Response:

On a review aggregator website, the film gathered an 81% approval rating with an average rate of 7.4/10. Aside from its storytelling and plot, the technical level of the film made the film more impressive. The film has been universally acclaimed for its pure cinematic magic.

The highest-grossing film made powerful visual accomplishments, but some find the dialogues and the characters flat and obvious. Overall, the 3-D experience for two and ½ hours made the movie more convincing and vivid, as seen in the history of moving pictures.


Avatar received massive awards from different award-giving bodies, which is never surprising. In the 2009 Academy Awards, Avatar received the Best Achievement in Cinematography, Best Achievement in Visual Effects, Best Achievement in Art Direction from Oscars.

In BAFTA Awards 2010, the team received the Best Production Design and Best Special Visual Effects. In addition, the Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Films, USA gave the film the Best DVD Special Edition, Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Supporting Actor, and Best Supporting Actress.

It also received the Best Director, Best Writing, Best Music, Best Production Design, Best Science Fiction Film, and Best Special Effects of USFFHF, USA Saturn Awards 2010.

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2. Avatar 2 (2022)

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The Avatar: The Way of Water is all about Jake Sully and Neytiri, who build their own family and will do anything to stay together. They will be forced to leave their home and explore different regions of Pandora. The sequel will widen its universe while exploring the moons of Polyphemus and will focus on the ocean of Pandora.

The story will feature an eight-year time forward where it is intended to be a family story as the protagonist's daughter will be eight years old. As the ancient threat resurfaces, Jake will fight a brutal war against his race, the humans.

Release Date:

The Avatar 2 will be fully encapsulated with the other sequel, but the release date is on December 17, 2022. Previously, the sequel was set to be in 2014; however, due to different reasons, it was then set to be in 2022.

As 2022 is fastly approaching, Director James Cameron recently announced that the Avatar 2 filming had been wrapped up. The release date will most likely be followed, so let's all cross our fingers.

3. Avatar 3 (2024)

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The sequel to Avatar 2 is set to be called Avatar: The Seed Bearer. The upcoming American epic science fiction will revolve around the trilogy-scaled arc of the story based on Director James Cameron. The third installment of the Avatar Franchise will not just be about Na'vi as there will be another species of aliens to be introduced in this film.

As no plot has yet been revealed, speculations revolve around its title, The Seed Bearer, which could be from the Na'vi species or the upcoming species to be introduced to.

Release Date:

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Once the Avatar: The Way of the Water is finally released, Avatar 3 is set to be slated after two years, not later than December 22, 2024. The two sequels were filmed simultaneously, and as the previous sequel wrapped up, the third one is 95%.

Due to coronavirus, the shooting of different films was halted, but New Zealand's response to the pandemic made the production slowly coping up on the delays. Avatar 3 will be released by the 20th Century, two years after Avatar 2, so mark your calendars.

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4. Avatar 4 (2026)

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The fourth installment of the Avatar franchise is planned to be called Avatar: The Tulkun Rider. In this episode, it is rumored that in Avatar Universe, there will be an ascending high priest or shaman. Based on Tibetan Buddhism, Tulku is referred to as someone reborn, where they will be responsible for passing down the specific teachings.

Avatar: The Tulkun Rider can be someone or an ancient who will pass down the knowledge to the Na'vi, which will be a great transition for the upcoming Avatar 5.

Release Date:

Avatar 4: The Tulkun Rider is set to be released in December 2026. However, the release of the sequel will depend on the success of Avatar: Way of Water and Avatar: The Seed Bearer. Based on Disney CEO, Bob Iger, Avatar 4 is in pre-production, but Disney has not yet given them the green light.

The delays on the sequel are mainly because of the COVID-19 pandemic, and while some are sad about it, the three-year break after Avatar 3 would be very beneficial.

5. Avatar 5 (2028)

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In the last installment of the Avatar franchise, the things that remain unclear can be revealed in this episode. Avatar: The Quest for Eywa can revolve around the search for the Pandora Goddess Eywa. In the first Avatar movie, Jake described Eywa as the creator of all living things.

The story will revolve around the quest for Eywa, the guiding voice on Na'Vi's home planet. It would be thrilling if she will be found in the last sequel of Avatar, or if she will be found at all.

Release Date:

Avatar: The Quest for Eywa is due in December 2028, three years late from its original timeline. The last sequel to Avatar is dependent on the success of Avatar 2 and Avatar 3; however, the team is extremely optimistic about the victorious outcome of the two.

Let us all remain hopeful that Avatar: The Quest of Eywa will land in the cinemas in December 2028 after the successful kickstarter of the two sequels to be released in 2022 and 2024.


Why is Avatar so famous?

Avatar is famous for its cast, story, computer-generated images, 3D approach, and impressive cinematography. Avatar will not be the highest-grossing film of all time for nothing. The film made it possible to create two different worlds, with jaw-dropping visuals, 3D and immersive setting of Pandora.

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Is Avatar a good movie?

Yes, Avatar is a good movie. The film is universally acclaimed and received many awards from different award-giving bodies. The cinematic experience was appreciated by critics and fanatics and raised the bar for being one of the best movies. In addition, the blockbuster movie has redeemed its title for being the highest-grossing film this 2021.

There are five planned series of Avatar if you wonder how many Avatar movies there are. The plot, cast, technology, and execution on the first installment of Avatar contributed greatly to the film's success. On the other hand, the four remaining installment films will revolve around fully standalone plots but will center on the Sully family.

Even though more than a decade has passed, Avatar still holds the title of being the best film made. Indeed, Avatar does not hold the title of being the All-Time Favorite Box Office Movie for nothing. Mark your calendars as you wait on the release of the second installment of the Avatar this 2022.

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