Pre-wedding Photoshoot Tips and Tricks for Couples (2023)

Pre-wedding Photoshoot Tips and Tricks for Couples (1)

Just like a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, a happy marriage starts with an awesome pre-wedding photoshoot.

Indeed, a well-organized pre-wedding photoshoot commences the narrative of a loving couple and captures the moments of adoring that echoes through the ages to keeps two loving souls together in the time of trouble.

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A pre-wedding photoshoot is the mainstream of recent years,and not for nothing – more and more couples realize the benefits of a pre-wedding photoshoot in addition to the beauty itself.

It is a good way to establish a bond with the photographer, prepare him for the wedding day, as well as create settings, and pick locations for the wedding photo session.

Successful pre-wedding photoshoot ideas for couples are a big pot of energy, inspiration, and loving power…the pot that you can open anytime to relive the intimate memories that glued you together once and for all.

That said, you cannot rely only on the photographer since it’s always the synergy of both that creates the masterpiece.

Whether you use traditional photoshoot poses, fashion photos, glamorous pictures, or anything else, the man behind the camera does most of the job, but the last word is always yours to speak, which is why you should learn the ropes in advance.

Without further ado, let’s go straight to the tips to make you all set to capture the beauty and love bubbling up between you two.

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Take your time to choose the style and location

Sticking to a particular style in pre-wedding photos is quite a successful approach. Here are the ideas that you may choose depending on the location, season, budget, and preferences:

1. Nature

Nature and animal lovers love lake/beach/seaside shots, pictures with pets/horses, and even underwater photos.

Indigenous pre-wedding photoshoots are genuinely romantic for nothing looks cuter alongside a loving couple than a noble stallion, a majestic tree, or a colorful butterfly.

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2. Night

When shadows of the night come in play, everything looks different. Night shoots are very special and absolutely necessary for those loving the mystery of the darkness.

Furthermore, there’s no chance any of your friends have similar photos. Night photography is harder for cameramen, but it is completely worth the effort.

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3. Culture

Displaying cultural roots in a pre-wedding photoshoot is a popular idea, but it still works since there are so many different peoples on our planet that you can always be unique in your own way.

Just pick the right location, preferably off the beaten track, and imprint the natural vibes in the photos.

4. Fashion

Glamorous pictures are great to convey sexuality and fire in your relationship.

High-heeled shoes, sophisticated hairstyle, red lipstick, long lashes, and tempting look on the bride and solid tuxedo and shiny black shoes on the groom create an eye-catching, glamorous ensemble and become ‘that thing’ between you two for the rest of your life.

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5. Rain

If the desire to unite with nature and breathe subtle emotions into your pre-wedding photoshoot wins the willingness to stay warm and in comfort, a few dozen of rainy photos taken at the end of the session may be priceless.

Rain saturates photos with riot, rebellion, passion, and who knows how many other emotions that we have no chance to experience in our daily life.

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Important: It might happen that you two have different views on your pre-wedding photoshoot.

The best way to go then is to create a long story with one style gradually transforming into the other and thereby telling a narrative of two opposite worldviews combined into an unbreakable, everlasting impulse of beauty, passion, and love.

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Some crucial aspects

The photoshoot style and location usually come along – one can hardly be chosen standalone. But not only that – there are more facets to hone:


The first thing that comes to mind when you ponder over how to make a good pre-wedding photoshoot great is personalities. And it’s hard to disagree.

Think of what makes you two special, what unites you; ponder the most precious moments to depict.

The pre-wedding story may start at the place where you met/had your first holiday/where the proposal was made, etc.

Make sure to depict your traits – take your favorite clothes with you, make your favorite hairstyle, etc. Avoid being completely different to preserve the connection with your inner selves.

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Season and style

You cannot take summer photos in winter and otherwise, or at least you will have to shoot in a studio.

Similarly, you are bound to have a hard time taking photos in tourist places or popular locations in a peak season.

Finally, your style should fit the weather (generally, weather conditions aren’t a big deal since you can just postpone the pre-wedding photoshoot, but it’s always better to follow the forecast and avoid extra expenses).


Balancing wedding and pre-wedding budgets might be a challenging part since nobody wants to sacrifice the quality or the number of photos to be taken.

This does not mean you should not seek for ways to save money on a wedding photographer.

However, you have no other way but to find a proportion that would fit both you and the photographer.

Research to choose the right photographer

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Since you have already picked the style and set the budget, it’s now easier to select the photographer. Here are a few tips on the matter:

1. Beginners with strong portfolios might be a bargain

Though higher quality usually means paying a higher price, the correlation not always holds true since there are hundreds of talented amateurs without weighty price tags on their services.

If your budget doesn’t allow you to hire an all-star professional photographer, look for undervalued gems on Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, and Snapchat – just skim through the portfolios of authors that ask no more than you can afford, and maybe luck smiles on you.

2. Only relevant examples matter

One and the same cameraman may be good at depicting one style and suck at another. Thus, do not bother wandering through the whole collection – focus only on what is relevant.

Evaluate the quality of a few similar photoshoots to get an idea of what to expect from your future photos.

Consider the most recent items in the portfolio since approaches change, and old examples might not represent what you are about to get.

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3. Arrange a personal meeting

Never hire a photographer until you meet in person, even if his portfolio has taken your breath away.

Sometimes it happens that interpersonal communication, posture, and other elusive things that can only be revealed during personal contact make a difference.

Therefore, don’t put the cart before the horse – take your time to understand the personality you are going to work with.

Take a break before the shoot

There are a million things to arrange and even more nuances to smoothen before the photo shoot, but you must be in good shape and with a good mood on that very day unless you want to look overworked at the photos destined to rekindle something that might be lost in the years to come.

Take at least a few-days-break before the shoot. Photoshop does wonders, but it has no power to turn a fake smile into a real one, as well as it is incapable of saturating your photos with awe, enjoyment, and love that all should be in abundance.

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A good way to relax and inspire is to browse through collections of wedding pictures on photo stocks.

Among millions of wedding photos at Pixabay, Getty Images, Depositphotos, and other repositories, you will definitely find ones that touch your heart and can be replicated at your photoshoot.

Trust your photographer

The person you’ve chosen is a professional, right? If so, it’s only reasonable to trust his experiences in the area.

For sure, there’s no need to abandon your ideas, but be kind enough to let your cameraman refine those.

Stick to his advice on the location, decoration, shooting time, poses, edits, and more little things as they are already proved by practice, not the theoretical material you’ve read.

Since practice makes perfect, not theory, you have no reason to mistrust your photographer.

Wrap up

Though creative pre-wedding photography ideas can eat a fair share of your budget, in an extremely competitive and even more versatile world of wedding photo shooting, there’s always room for maneuver.

You don’t necessarily have to hire a renowned photographer to get what you want: as long as you are ready to spend your time and efforts on preparations, you have all the chance to write and immortalize the story of two loving hearts in your unique manner.

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