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Creed is an American band, that was formed in 1994 in the sunny state of Florida. Creed was formed by Mark Tremonti and Scott Stapp ( who actually attended school together ). Scott Stapp is the lead vocalist, Mark Tremonti does vocals and plays the guitar, Brian Marshall is on the bass, and the fourth and final member of Creed is the drummer Scott Phillips. Creed was on of the many bands of the post-grunge era, that started in the mid-1990s. Creed recorded four studio albums; My Own Prison in 1997, Human Clay in 1999, released in 2001 was their third studio album Weathered and in 2010 was their fourth album, Full Circle.

Creed was active from 1994-2004, after which they took a break until 2009. Scott Stapp pursued a solo career and the other three members; Tremonti, Phillips, and Brian Marshall went on to form Alter Bridge with vocalist Myles Kennedy. Creed sold over fifty-three million records worldwide, have three multi-platinum albums, and their second album Human Clay was certified diamond. In 2001 Creed won a Grammy Award for their song, “With Arms Wide Open.” They were also nominated for Best Rock Performance by a Duo/Group in 2001 and again in 2003. Between the American Music Awards and MTV Video Music Awards, Creed was nominated for multiple awards and won; two awards for Favorite Alternative Artist and Favorite Pop/Rock Album. In 2003 they walked away with Favorite Alternative Artist and Favorite pop/rock band/group/duo.

The Top 10 Creed Songs is full of amazing vocals, killer guitar solos, intense and passionate lyrics and just all around great music!

# 10 – Are You Ready

This song comes from their second studio album, Human Clay. The album was released in September 1999. This was the final album fo feature Brian Marshall on the bass. Human Clay made it to the number one spot on the Billboard 200. “Are You Ready” did not make it to the Billboard charts but was number ninety on the Rock and Roll Charts in 2000. There is a killer guitar riff after the second verse. It will give you goosebumps. Mr. Tremonti is an outstanding guitar player, no matter what song he is playing.

# 9 – What’s This Life For

This was the third single released from their debut album, My Own Prison. The song peaked at number one on the Billboard’s Hot Mainstream Rock Tracks charts, remaining in the top position for six weeks. Scott Stapp and Tremonti teamed up to write this song. It is centered around and wrote for a mutual friends who committed suicide. “What’s This Life For” was played in the movie “Halloween H20: Twenty Years Later.”

# 8 – What If

Coming off of their second album, Human Clay, “What If” was the second single released. This song was used in the movie “Scream 3” and was sang by Chris Daughtry on American Idol in 2006. “What If” centers around the dislike for those who torture others. Mark Tremonti stated that the intro to “What If” was influenced by a song from 1966 called “Paint it, Black.” This is one of Creed’s heavier, harder songs. “What If” was number three on the Mainstream Rock charts, number two on the Bubbling Under Hot 100 Singles chart, and number fifteen on the Alternative Airplay charts. Some say that this song marked the beginning of the backlash for Creed and also the peak of their success.

# 7 – One Last Breath

From their third studio album, Weathered, comes “One Last Breath.” Released in April 2002 it was the third single off of the album. “One Last Breath” was number six on the Billboard Hot 100, hit number five on the Mainstream Rock charts, and hit the number four spot on the Mainstream Top 40 chart. This song is about looking back on your past mistakes and trying to find some comfort in friends who want to help. The music for “One Last Breath” was written by Mark Tremonti, who told Songfacts that the song contains one of his favorite guitar lines that he has ever wrote.

# 6 – One

Describing a lack of unity in society, “One,” is from the debut album My Own Prison. “One” peaked at number seventy on the Billboard Hot 100 in April 1999. The song killed it on the Mainstream Rock chart, landing in the number two position. On the Modern Rock Tracks chart it peaked at number two but was ranked number one. “One” was used by Ricky Steamboat for his 2006 and 2007 entrance on Raw live events. The song was also performed live, for the first time, on Late Night With David Lettermen in February 1999.

# 5 – Higher

Coming at the mid-point of our Top 10 Creed Songs, is a song from the band’s second studio album, Human Clay. “Higher” was released in August 1999 as the first single from the album. Scott Stapp told Songfacts that the song is about feelings and dreams he was having at the time. It is about the power of lucid-dreams. Stapp wanted to achieve every dream that he had ever had. “Higher” peaked at number seven on the Billboard Hot 100 and was the first single to be in the top ten. For seventeen weeks the song was on the top of the Modern Rock Tracks charts and the Mainstream Rock charts.

# 4 – My Own Prison

This song is off of their debut album of the same name, released in 1997. Mark Tremonti, guitarist, wrote the music to the song and Scott Stapp wrote the lyrics. The song is about struggles with life as Stapp was struggling and questioning his faith. This song, “My Own Prison” became Stapp’s trademark song. He suffered from depression, anxiety, alcohol, and drug addiction; especially after the band began bringing in the money and becoming popular. Things just became too much and the drugs and alcohol were too easy to come by. Stapp had put himself in his own prison with his addictions and other actions.

# 3 – Faceless Man

This was an extremely under-played song as far as a large number of fans are concerned. A lot of critics and fans alike believe that this song has a strong ‘Christian’ presents to it. Most interpret the song as dealings with God or the Holy Spirit. Whatever you feel the song is about, everyone agree it is powerful and intense. “Faceless Man” is from Creed’s second studio album, Human Clay. Killer Tremonti opening to the song; subtle, gentle, and soothing. Listening to the song, the lyrics are meaningful and deep. Stapp’s voice is rugged but pure and honest, it is incredible.

# 2 – With Arms Wide Open

This is one of the very first songs that I heard from Creed. It is a beautiful song with a lot of heart and soul put into the vocals. This is also from their second studio album. “With Arms Wide Open” was released in April 2000. This song was wrote by Stapp after finding out that he was going to be a dad, for the first time. The song has brutally honest lyrics and you can hear the fear ( of a first time father), but also the love in Stapp’s voice as he sings about his changing life.”With Arms Wide Open” won a Grammy Award for best rock song. Stapp also started a foundation called With Arms Wide Open Foundation. It aids children and families in need. The song peaked at number one on the Billboard 100 in November 2000.

# 1 – My Sacrifice

Coming in at the number one spot on our Top 10 Creeds Songs; “My Sacrifice.” This song was from Creed’s third studio album Weathered, which was released in 2001. The song “My Sacrifice” was released in October 2001 and was the first single from the album. The video for the song has been viewed over one hundred and fifty million time on YouTube. The song is about coming out of the darkness and regaining clarity. Stapp suffered with his alcohol and drugs for many years, trying to quit all on his own, but not being successful for long periods of time. He does a spectacular job of bringing this song to life. The video is one of the best videos that I have ever watched. The song, vocals, and video tug at your heart strings. Stapp does an outstanding job of allowing his raw, intense emotions to really come out as he sings about his own struggles (and accomplishments).

There ya have it, my fellow Creed fans, the Top 10 Creed Songs. Scott Stapp has been sober for over 5 years and is still focused and working on his solo career. He has a couple of albums out that I am sure you can find on multiple sites for sale. As for the other band members; Tremonti, Phillips, and Marshall; they are still going strong with Myles Kennedy and Alter Bridge (along with their various individual projects). I tend to agree with some fans out there, Creed was an excellent band that didn’t get enough airplay on a lot of their songs and they were underrated. They have some stellar songs that you never heard on the radio, that should have been played a lot. I am going to sit down and repurchase their cd’s, just to have them on hand again to listen to and enjoy. Happy Rockin’ until next time.

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