Top 10 Songs: Year 2001 — Our Rach (2022)

Withthe threat of impending technological doom a mere memory, we sailed into 2001 forgetting how we spent the previous New Years Eve.

Is the microwave going to blow up? Will my computer work when I turn it on? Will I die in my sleep? The latter was my concern, I’ve always been a bit of a drama Queen, you see.

I turned 15 in 2001.

I like to think of 2001 as the year I finally had a vague idea of what I was doing with my hair.

My hair is a total nightmare. Frizzy doesn’t even do it justice to be honest. It’s a mane of epic proportions. And, you must remember, way back in2001 the only hair straighteners available were these monstrosities. NB. Using water when straightening your hair is, quite possibly, the most stupid thing you can ever do. Apart from shaving your eyebrows. Yes, I’ve also done that.

“Shine and shot” they were billed as. However, the only shot I was on the receiving end of was spits of boiling hot water hitting my face and ears. Raining down on me like knives, they were.

The shit we put ourselves through in the name of beauty.

And, they never did make my hair straight. It looked even frizzier than it did before. And as for the shine I’d hoped for, try a hot mess of split ends instead.

Thus, I ditched the “straighteners” and decided to embrace the curls instead. Using this little pot of joy to help me along the way.

Hair and beauty disasters aside (foundation tidemarks were a thing in 2001 too), music was pretty damn good in 2001.

I love pop music. I was thinking the other day, whilst compiling my lists, that pop music is probably my most favourite genre. I’m unapologetic about that. Yeah, there are other genre’s I like, such as R’n’B, a touch of Hip Hop and Brit Pop/Indie, not forgetting the trance obsession I had back in the day. But for me, pop music will always hold a special place in my heart. As you’re about to discover.

10. Rui Da Silva – Touch Me

This was one of the first songs to be released in 2001 witha release date of 1st January 2001. And I absolutely LOVE IT. I still get goosebumps when I listen to it almost 17 years on.

9. Wyclef Jean– Perfect Gentleman


Still know every single word. Do you remember Smash Hits magazine? Back in the day they used to provide a pack of lyric cards for songs in the chart. I’d spend my evenings, when I should be doing homework (explains a lot) studying these lyric cards just so that when I was in front of the mirror I could pretend I was in a music video.

Cringing for my damn life right now.

8. Eve ft. Gwen Stefani– Let Me Blow Ya Mind

I bloody loved me a bit of Eve back in the day. So much so, I promised myself that when I turned 18, I’d copy the pawprint tattoos she has on her boobs.

I’m so glad I didn’t. So glad.

7. Faithless – We Come One

I feel like I’m cheating with this one, mainly because I didn’t really know this song when it was first released, however, because I love it so much, I’m having to include it in this list.

It’s not my favourite Faithless track though. No, that accolade wouldgo to God Is A DJ. What a tune that is mind.

Christ, I wanna go out now.

6. Jennifer Lopez – Aint It Funny

I had a great Summer in 2001. Spent with a great friend, getting up to all sorts of mischief that makes me cringe nearly 2 decades on. This song always reminds me of that time in my life. Plus J Lo was an absolute goddess back in the day. To be fair, she still is now but her music is a bit shite.

5. Linkin Park – In The End

I had my heart broken in September 2001. It was the first time I’d experienced heart break, apart from an unrequited school crush back in 2000 (more on that another time). I’d spend hours upon hours sat in my bedroomgetting all emotional whilst listening to Linkin’ Park’s Hybrid Theory album and scrolling through old text messages on my Nokia 3310. This is my favourite track from that album.

4. Basement Jaxx – Romeo

Big Brother series 2 was one of my most favourite from the Big Brother franchise and this song reminds me of the series thatcoined the iconic phrase “I likes blinkin’ I do” (quick fact; my boyfriend snogged her by the way).

I love Basement Jaxx and I’m gutted that I had the opportunity to see them backin 2014 but was too unwell to go.

3. Roger Sanchez – Another Chance

Another song that reminds me of the Summer from that year. It’s one of my most favourite songs of all time and a track I’ll never tire of hearing. The video is pretty special too.

2. So Solid Crew – 21 Seconds

I deliberated over posting a video of myself rapping this, mainly because aside from Wyclef Jean – Perfect Gentleman, Snoop Dogg; Drop It Like It’s Hot and Kanye West; Flashing Lights, it’s the only “rap” track I know all the words to. Thanks to those aforementioned Smash Hits lyric cards.

I know it’s cringe. I know it’s absurd. But I just love it. And remember, I was only 15 at the time.

1. Robbie Williams – Eternity

I’m not a Robbie Williams fan by any stretch of the imagination. But this song holds so many memories for me (we’re going back to THAT summer and THAT heartbreak again).

I’ll always remember my Mum singling out a line from the song “Youth is wasted on the young, before you know it’scome and gone, too soon“.

I eye rolled hard at my Mum banging on about that lyric at the time. But now I’m in my 30’s and a Mum myself, I totally appreciate the meaning behind it.

I’m now handing it over to a blogging pal of mine for her Top 10 songs from 2001;Lazy Girl UK. Anyone who proclaims themselves as lazy is a legend in my book.

1: Teenage Dirtbag: Wheatus

I was still a teen (just) in 2001 and loved this being that I was still in my indie kid stage

2: Do You Really Like It?: DJ Pied Piper

Random fact- I can, when pissed, do the entire rap from this 🙂 A garage classic, now also loved by my youngest

3: Clint Eastwood: Gorillaz

Totally different to what was out at the time, a being a Blur fan, a good excuse to continue to fancy Damon a little bit longer

4: Heaven is a Halfpipe: OPM

Although I can’t skateboard, I was still wearing my Criminal Damage huge trousers and daft vest tops and this was the skateboard gang members anthem

5: Ms Jackson: OutKast

Love this, I know Hey Ya is probably the more well known track but this is brilliant, love the backing to it, a perfect alternative to cringey love songs

6: Romeo: Basement Jaxx

Still a cracker of a poppie dance track, and it’s off a brilliant album too

7: Ever So Lonely: Jakatta

OK slight cheat as this wasn’t officially released until 2002, but I had it on white label. What a banger

8: Since I Left You: Avalanches

Such a good tune off an even better album, and quite fitting. Was in a still very new relationship with my other half after walking out on a scary one, so this was a personal track to me that reminds me of that time.

9: Lady Marmalade: Pink, Christina, Lil Kim, Mya and Missy Elliot

What’s a list without a slice of terrible, cheesy, women empowerment pop? Love this, total guilty pleasure tune

10:Hanbags and Gladrags: Stereophonics

Love this era of Stereophonics, a good slice of UK rock with a cute lead singer. And a very good version of an old classic by Rod.

And now a photo of Lazy Girl from 2001.

As I said earlier, I embraced the curls in 2001. Here’s a visual aid to prove it.

Nice hoody eh?

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