Top 6 Best Android Emulators For M1 in 2023 (2023)

An Android emulator is designed to be a software tool that acts as an imitation to behave as one device from another device. Android devices can switch roles to play as Mac M1 if they have proper android emulators or software. These emulators create and develop virtual Android devices and act as other devices.

There are a lot of Android emulators for M1 out there. After a thorough study and extensive research, we have handpicked the top 6best Android emulators for M1. These emulators are guaranteed to give you as smooth an experience as possible.

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As we go along with each emulator, this article will provide you answers on the questions below that will help you understand android emulators, their uses, and what’s the best for you.

  • What are the main uses of Android Emulators for M1?
  • How do I use an Android Emulator?
  • How to run Android Emulator on M1?
  • Top 6 Best Android Emulators for M1

What are the Main Uses of Android Emulators for M1?

Android emulators are being used for a lot of reasons, mainly by app and game developers.

  • Emulators are used by app developers to test the quality of their apps. These emulators are used to emulate on multiple devices with a computer as the head device. Developers then launch their apps to see their quality by running it on multiple operating systems.
  • Gamers find emulators productive because they are able to run various games, even those that don’t initially run on their original OS. They make use of emulators to have a great streaming experience while gaming. More so, emulators make the screen bigger and more realistic.
  • You can install android emulators for M1 on computers and host them with guest devices. To make that happen, first you need to install an emulator suitable for your device.
  • Android emulators for M1 such as BlueStacks, Genymotion, MEMU Play and LD Player are few among the best Android emulators to use.
  • Android emulators can simulate the experience of using software and hardware on your device.

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How do I use an Android emulator?

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If you are looking for a solution on how to use an Android emulator, we are here to provide you with one.

Android emulators for M1 are easy to install and use, the process doesn’t require a technical skill. You can follow the step-by-step guide below on how you can enable and use an Android emulator.

First, you need to know how to open the Android Virtual Device Manager.

Step 1: Click the Start option and go to the All Programs menu.

Step 2: Click on the Embarcadero RAD Studio option and click on the Android Tools option. You will be able to open the Android Virtual Device Manager.

To enable an Android emulator:

Step 1: Launch the Android emulator app on your device.

Step 2: Open the Device Manager and double-click on the Android Virtual Device (AVD) or tap the Run button.

Step 3: Once your Android studio is open, Allow the Android emulator to run on the app.

Step 4: Install the APK file and add the file to the emulated device.

Step 5: The emulator lets you control settings, and tools and operate extended controls. You can save, delete and load snapshots by using the emulator’s extended controls window by clicking on the Snapshots category.

How to run Android emulators on M1?

M1 is an Apple-based chip system developed to use on Macs. The M1 is more efficient and faster than other Intel chips. The M1 is developed on several components.

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To run Android emulators for M1, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Find and Open Android Studio

Top 6 Best Android Emulators For M1 in 2023 (3)

Open the Google browser on your device and search to find the Android Studio.

Step 2: Click on the link.

Top 6 Best Android Emulators For M1 in 2023 (4)

Click on the link and get into the website.

Step 3: Download Android Studio

Top 6 Best Android Emulators For M1 in 2023 (5)

You will receive an option to download once you tap on the Android Studio option.

Step 4: Accept the Terms and Conditions

Top 6 Best Android Emulators For M1 in 2023 (6)

Accept the terms and conditions given on the platform and click on the Download option.

Step 5: Create a profile on Google Developers

Top 6 Best Android Emulators For M1 in 2023 (7)

You will be asked to create a profile on Google Developers. Create a profile and start using it to install android emulators on M1.

And that’s how easy it is to install an Android emulator on your M1. Now that that’s already been taken care of, let’s dive into our top list of emulators, shall we?

Top 6 Android Emulators for M1

1. BlueStacks

Top 6 Best Android Emulators For M1 in 2023 (8)

The BlueStacks app is developed by an American technology company that is also known for its other cloud-based platform products. BlueStacks is the most popular emulator application used by gamers and app developers.

The BlueStacks app is free to use and can be installed on Windows and on iOS. You can practically install just about all Android apps on your PC with this emulator. The BlueStacks app is best to use for playing games.

More so, you can customize your profile using the app.

Step 1: Open Settings located on the hamburger menu of BlueStacks.

Step 2: Select the Device tab under the Settings menu.

(Video) Fastest Android Emulator yet | M1 MacBook test

Step 3: Tap on the Create a custom profile option

Step 4: specify the manufacturer, brand, and model number to create a custom profile.

Step 5: Click on the save changes options and your custom profile will be created.

Major Features:

  • You can play android games in full HD.
  • This emulator runs multiple games simultaneously.
  • You can play with preset controls or customize them on Bluestacks app.
  • You can screen record games and replay them.
  • You can play any android game in your local language.

This application is safe to use on your Android device and you won’t worry about getting hacked. This app detects threats by anti-virus software and resolves malware detectives.

For sure, you will have the best experience especially if you are an avid gamer and a crazy fan of Call of Duty and Crossfire with this emulator.

Top 6 Best Android Emulators For M1 in 2023 (9)

2. Nox App Player

Top 6 Best Android Emulators For M1 in 2023 (10)

The Nox App Player app is not only for M1 devices but this best emulator can be installed on Windows. The speed and performance of the application is great for streaming games.

Major Features:

  • The Nox App Player is free to download on your device.
  • It is compatible with Windows, Mac and any Android device.
  • Nox App Player is easy to navigate.
  • It is stable and does not enable any unknown errors when you use it.
  • This emulator allows you to run multiple apps simultaneously.

The Nox App Player is easy to use and free to install. This app lets you run all Android games on Mac OS. Furthermore, this app uses less RAM so you can be assured that it will run smoothly and won’t affect other apps on your device.

The Nox App Player is safe to use and contains high security. Expound more on its security features!

However, the app requires a stable internet connection to make sure you have an uninterrupted gaming experience.

If you are a lover of the Harry Potter games, The Seven Deadly Sins, or Grand Hotel Mania the Nox App Player is perfect for you!

Top 6 Best Android Emulators For M1 in 2023 (11)

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3. Genymotion

Top 6 Best Android Emulators For M1 in 2023 (12)

The Genymotion app is one of the fastest Android emulators out there. To get the most out of this app on your PC, you will need to install a Virtual Box application on your system to launch and activate the app.

(Video) Emulate Android apps on M1/M2 Mac WITHOUT Bluestacks? Gaming test using Android Studio

Once you have installed the app, you will then be asked to create an account. Click on the Genymotion for personal use to make your gaming experience better.

Major features:

  • You can use the Genymotion android emulator on different locations and test the geolocation functionality.
  • You can control volume settings. You can increase and decrease the volume of the game on the Genymotion emulator.
  • You can use the web camera. This emulator sets the front and back camera of the virtual device.
  • Consistent battery. This emulator offers the ability to test apps under different battery conditions.
  • The Genymotion emulator contains perfect pixels for M1.
Top 6 Best Android Emulators For M1 in 2023 (13)

4. LD Player app

Top 6 Best Android Emulators For M1 in 2023 (14)

The LD Player app was developed by a Chinese company and allows users to run Android apps on their Windows and iOS PCs. The LD Player version 4 is considered to be the best among all other versions of the app.

The LD player provides the highest quality of optimized settings and performance. The LD Player is a safe Android emulator for M1 and does not contain too many ads and promotions while streaming games. So that’s a whole uninterrupted gaming experience.

Major features:

  • The default shortcuts are customizable.
  • You can enable “ Lock Landscape” mode to play portrait games.
  • This emulator allows you to play with controllers and supports gamepad.
  • You can optimize the virtual phone model for specific games.
  • The features of LD player also include customized wallpapers.

If you love streaming games like PUBG, Rise of Kingdoms, and SkyLanders: King of Heroes on your PC, then you can make use of the LD Player app.

Top 6 Best Android Emulators For M1 in 2023 (15)

5. MEMU Player

Top 6 Best Android Emulators For M1 in 2023 (16)

What’s good about the MEMU Player app is that it can run on various operating systems. You can even use your Google account to get access to the MEMU player app. But the highlight of this is that it can run Android apps on your PC.

What’s more?

Installing apps can be done in just a few clicks using the MEMU player app.

Major features:

  • The MEMU player allows you to watch live shows and channels.
  • You can chat more easily using the keyboard on WhatsApp, and other messaging apps.
  • You will get access to play all android games on M1.
  • You can stimulate GPS location.
  • You can share files between different operating systems.

Your device will definitely require a stable internet connection to download games on your device using the app.

The MEMU Player app focuses on streaming games with high quality, speed and performance. You can play games like Ragnarok, Hitman Sniper and Clash of Clans using the MEMU Player app without hassle. This MEMU player Android emulator is free to install on your device.

Top 6 Best Android Emulators For M1 in 2023 (17)

6. Dolphin emulator

Top 6 Best Android Emulators For M1 in 2023 (18)
(Video) Top 5 Best Android emulators for PC and Mac of 2022

The Dolphin video game console emulator is an open source software. The native emulator of Dolphin is the M1 chip.

It has a very impressive emulator performance. But there are some performance issues with the Dolphin emulator compared to other Android emulators for M1. The developers of the Dolphin emulator consider the app to be far from perfection. Yet the speed and game streaming experience is considered to be enough by its users.

Major features:

  • You can start gaming from any region.
  • This emulator supports cheat codes and action replay modes.
  • Dolphin supports two kinds of networks: Emulated local multiplayer and Nintendo wifi connection.
  • You can make use of real GameCube controllers through the use of a USB adapter on Dolphin emulators.
  • The Dolphin emulator supports customized settings.

This app runs on Windows, Linux, Mac OS, and Android. Developments on this app are still in progress. The downloads from the Dolphin emulator are malware free, so you can be assured that you are safe while using it. All Android games are available on this app, so you will never run out of games to play.

Top 6 Best Android Emulators For M1 in 2023 (19)

Frequently Asked Questions

Which emulator works best on M1 Mac?

The BlueStacks emulator works best on the M1 Mac. You can run any Android apps using this emulator. Mention other points why it works best on M1 Mac!

Does the Dolphin emulator work on Windows?

The Dolphin emulator works on Windows, Linux, Mac OS, and Android.

Is BlueStacks free to use?

The BlueStacks app is free to use and can be installed on Windows and on iOS. You can click Bluestacks for iOS to download the app.

What is an Android Studio?

Android Studio is used to develop Android applications for Android devices like phones, tablets, Android TV, and computers.

What is the use of an emulator?

An emulator is designed to be a software tool that acts as an imitation to behave as one device from another device. This way, you can run applications on your device even those which are not originally supported by your current operating system.

Run Android apps on your M1 devices

If you are an app developer looking for good software to run your app, these Android emulators for M1 can be your practice ground. Or, regardless, if you just want to have fun and play your favorite Android games on your PC.

(Video) Android Emulator on M1 Macs!

If you are a fan of gaming consoles, you can try streaming your games using these apps, and we promise you, you will have an amazing experience. These apps make your games bigger on the screen and more realistic.

These android emulators for M1 ensure privacy and security while using them on your device.

Do not forget that these apps will need a stable internet connection for a smooth and best user experience.


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